TrueCARE Consignment

TrueCARE Consignment


TrueCARE. The industry-leading 
consignment inventory 
management program.

Every customer of BioCARE has access to our industry-leading consignment inventory management program. With more than 15 years of consignment expertise, BioCARE is the leading provider of consignment inventory of specialty and therapeutic biological products.

Factor Assay Management

We help coordinate the assays to minimize waste and to provide as close to the requested dose as possible.


  • Reduce risk of product expiration
  • Eliminate inventory carrying cost
  • Pay only for product that is used
  • Streamline billing process: 1 purchase order per month
  • No charge for routine, standard overnight deliveries

On-site Program Management: We Do the Work

  • We personally reconcile inventory — we conduct a physical count at your site and confirm usage with you
  • We re-stock and rotate product
  • We require only one purchase order each month

Attentive Account Management Services

  • We set product inventory levels based on your facility’s average use; additional product is provided as needed
  • We regularly communicate with you throughout a critical episode to provide additional product on a timely basis should the dose or the frequency of dose change
  • We confirm delivery of and follow up on all shipments, including after hours, weekends and holidays


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